If your computer is slowing down, there is almost always a reason why. Here are some slow computer solutions for getting your computer back up to speed again.
Kill Those Viruses
If you especially notice a lot of extra windows cropping up everywhere on your computer, it often means that a virus is trying to sell you something. The problem is that the virus is stealing a lot of your computer processing power. This could mean that you end up having a computer that’s much slower than it needs to be.
The solution for this problem is to add some anti-virus software for your computer. There are a ton of free ones online that you can get right away. It’s usually extremely simple to install these programs and get them going.
Then, you just have to click on the button to update the software to the nearest version, and then hit the button to begin a scan. Once the scan completes, you simply hit the button to fix all of the problems that show up. By deleting viruses, you’re freeing up processing power, and your computer should move quickly again.
Clean Up Registry Keys
Little errors can show up in your registry keys over time. Many of these errors occur because you are deleting old programs and the programs didn’t uninstall properly. The solution is to get software that can clean these registry keys for you. You can find this software in a number of different areas online.
The important thing is to make sure that you create a backup of your computer first before cleaning the keys since it is an intensive exercise that could potentially have problems connected to it. Most registry cleaning programs will allow you to do this right from the program, however.
Memory and Cookies
Another reason why your computer could be slow is because you don’t have enough memory left. You can’t fill up every bit of memory on your computer because this will make it run slower. This means it’s a good idea to periodically go through all of your old files and delete the ones that you no longer need. It also means that it’s a good idea to uninstall programs you realize that you don’t need anymore as well. Make sure you uninstall them properly instead of just deleting them, however. This is because if you just delete them, you could end up causing more problems for your computer.
Another important thing to do is periodically clean out your web browser’s cookies. You can do this from the options.