If your computer is running slow, there are a few things that this could mean.
The first possible reason why your computer is running slow is because you have a virus or spyware program on your computer. One of the key signs that this is the case is if you see a lot of extra windows popping up everywhere that advertise something and urge you to go to a website and make a purchase.
Your computer will never do this. Therefore, if it’s happening, it means you likely have some kind of malicious program on your machine. It also means that your computer could be running slower due to all the wasted memory and processing power.
Viruses can also run invisibly as well, however. They could change your home page to a malicious website. They could be simply stealing your computer’s information and sending it to a third party. This is killed a ‘key logger,’ and it could also be the culprit for slowing down your computer. If you get some anti-virus software, you could solve this problem quickly and easily.
Another potential cause for your computer slowing down is because it’s getting too hot. This can happen for a number of different reasons. For example, if you don’t clean out the fans in your computer then this could cause them to operate inefficiently. As a result, your computer may not be getting rid of heat as much as it should.
If your components heat up too much, this could slow them down. If you clean out your case and blow away all of the dust, your computer could speed up again.
Power Supply Issues
Your power supply could eventually get too old and slow down its fan speed. This could also cause overheating which could also be the culprit for your computer’s slowness. In many cases you should be able to fix this by simply swapping out your old power supply for a new one. This could help with the slowness.
Computer Cleaning Issues
Another thing that slowness could indicate is that you need to clean out some of the basic stuff on your computer. For example, you may need to delete extra files. If your memory gets too full, your computer will slow down. Also, if your web browser is the one that’s slow, this could mean that you need to clean out the browser’s cookies. These files can also mean the browser will run slow.
Additionally, you may need to update some of the programs on your computer since this can cause some of the slowness too.