There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow and sluggish computer. Whether you use a Mac or PC, we have all experienced problems with slow running desktops and laptops at one time or another. If you’re looking to make your computer run faster, there are several tips and suggestions available. According to industry experts, the best way to increase speed is by first eliminating any unwanted programs and applications. Over time, our computers get filled with software that simply lay dormant if not used on a regular basis.  Deleting these programs and system files are guaranteed to speed up the process and performance of your system.

Cleaning the Cache and System Files

In addition to deleting outdated programs, you can also make your computer run faster by clearing the cache and system files on a daily basis. Simply right-click on your main drives and select their properties. This will show you how much memory you are currently using, as well as how much memory is left. Choose “Disk Cleanup” and the system will remove or recycle any unwanted system files that may be slowing down optimal performance. This included temporary files, along with downloaded program files, thumbnails, recycling bin items, and more. Cleaning your system cache is another way to free up crucial space and get your system back in order.

Removing Files and Folders

Even with systems that have high-speed Internet access and large memory drives, files and folders can take up a lot of space. If you need all these items, simply transfer them to external hard drives or USB mass storage units. This will keep your items safe, while freeing up space on the drives you can use for daily errands and work. In the past, GB drives were only available for desktop, laptop, and even wireless and remote users. Today, there are TB drives with extensive storage that can easily host even the largest operating systems.

Anti-Virus Applications

Viruses are known to cause irreparable harm and damage to computers if not caught in time. They are also known for notoriously slowing down computers and systems. To restore optimal performance, you need to run your anti-virus programs daily to eliminate viruses, malware, adware, and other foreign elements. These mainly stem from downloads, however, can also attach themselves to your system visits to unscrupulous and unsuspecting sites. Removing viruses is considered the best way to make your computer run faster. It can also protect vital hardware components, and secure the longevity of your system as a whole.