Improve Your Computer's Performance

How to Improve Computer Performance

Computer performance is often related to a number of different factors. The key is to figure out which factor is causing the slow down the most, and then focus your efforts on that particular approach. Here’s a few ways to go about doing this.
The first thing you should do if you want to increase you’re your computer’s performance is to perform a computer performance test. There are a number of programs online that will allow you to do this.
Some of them involve downloading a program that you then run separately from the Internet. But there are others that will let you run right from your browser using something like Java. This will tell you what your computer’s stats are in terms of the performance you should get, and then the program will run a test to see how much processing and performance you are actually getting.
Many of the programs can then tell you which techniques you should focus on when it comes to improving what your computer can do. Here are some examples.
Delete Startup Programs
One aspect of your computer’s performance that you will probably care about is how long it takes to start up. This could be important during times when you have to restart a bunch in a row, such as when you are installing new software or performing some type of cleaning.
There are software packages out there that let you automatically remove programs that are automatically starting when your computer starts. It’s also possible to click “run” from the Windows button and then type in “msconfig” if you want to do it solo.  The startup tab here will allow you to remove programs that you don’t need to start when your computer does.
Browser Cleaning
If the performance trouble you’ve noticed seems to coming mostly from your browser, or if you want to improve the speed of your browser in general, then you should clean it. This is actually a good thing to do periodically anyway in order to make sure that it doesn’t get any slower.
This will be a different approach based on what browser you have, but generally you will click on a setup button, select the options from the menu, and then select the option to clear your browser cookies.
These are often little tracking programs that can really build up after a while. Eventually there will be so many of them that your computer actually slows down. This is why it’s important to remove them from time to time to ensure maximum operation for your browser.

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