Improve Your Computer's Performance

How to Check Computer Performance

Checking PC performance can be quite challenging, especially if you are not a technician. Your computer might have a processor of 3.2 GHz or something bigger but that really doesn’t equate to better performance. There could be something that slows down the computer. If you use your PC everyday for work or other important activities, you have to do everything possible to ensure you are at least at optimum performance with it.


How to Test the Performance of Your PC


There are some technical and easy ways you can use to test the performance of your PC. However, the technical approach is best left to a technician. If you are just an ordinary guy who want to check computer performance, the best way will be to use online based providers that have a series of tools you can use to see how your PC is performing. What makes these tools very special is that they can give you recommendations on how you can improve the performance of your PC and also offer you comparisons of the PC’s performance against the recommended level.  Some websites will charge you a fee while others may give you a free trail. In any case, however, these are the simplest ways you can use to see if your PC is working at a good performance level.


Basic Tips to Increase PC Performance


If you find that your PC is not performing well enough, there are some basic ways you can take advantage of to increase its performance. These include:


·         Uninstall Any Programs You Are Not Using: If there are programs that you don’t use, it is best to uninstall them. This will help your CPU to increase its speed.


·         Free up Space on The Hard Drive: If there are files saved on the Hard Drive that are no longer useful to you then you can delete them. This will go a very long way in improving the performance of your PC. Additionally, you can consider using an external drive to store other files instead of the internal hard drive.



·         Reduce Desktop Shortcuts: If you can limit the number of shortcuts on your desktop, the better. Remember, when your computer starts, it has to load all the shortcuts which can limit the overall performance.


Ensuring your PC is at optimum performance is easy and you can use a number of ways to check computer performance in order to address any issues.


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