Computer is an electronic device which is used to perform many arithmetic and logical operations or calculations automatically. Beyond thinking of a human computer can be operating more than one operations at a same time. Computer consists of many conventional devices such as the central processing unit, and other peripheral devices. Computer has a virtual memory unit which allows the public to store much information and also you can gather the information when needed. You can fetch all the information’s stored in the computer at any time and can access the remote computer from far of places. The computer also helps the individual to perform the data stored in their external storage devices and also help to retrieve the saved data when needed. The computer performance test can be made to enrich the speed of the computer.


Necessary performance attributes:


Performance speeding can help a public to make the process fast; this also can help the individual to speed the testing strategy. To make your personal computer or laptop for gaining the best performance for ever makes the necessary attributes as follows. Processing the performance test between the different machines makes you to compare the similar working speed of more number of computers.  Many malware attacks may gradually decrees the performance of the system. These malware attacks are common nowadays. Advanced testing attributes may be performed to tackle the current working strategies of a system. These advanced testing strategies can gain a user for spectacular situations.


Strategies of standard testing:


There is more number of testing suits which can be performed to know the computers working nature. These testing strategies may include standards like CPU testing where the arithmetic and logical operations are performed, compression also done here. 2D and 3d graphics testing includes a wide range of testing standards like drawing lines, making a graphics and animation. Disk test is done to determine the reading, writing aspects of test, Memory test is done to know the memory capacity of the system. Memory test is the important function by which adding lots of data to the system can make the system working slower and less data stored in the memory helps the computer to work at a rapid speed.

Many advanced testing also done in some case in addition to the standard testing strategies, here the experienced tester can perform more number of manual testing as he wish. Here the tester are allowed to test on his own and they are listed briefly below,

  • Advanced disk testing is performed to monitor the system with adding various types of files with different sizes and block size.
  • Advanced 2D and 3D testing is performed creating many animated pictures, drawing many types of shapes as the tester wish.
  • Advanced networking test is performed in much system to determine the connectivity and operation of the system where the system performance is noted. This also helps the tester to find weather the system is sustainable in the malware attacks. Here the two computer system is tested with various layers of OSI and TCP/IP , here the network speed is calculated and the networking speed is analysed on every other types of networks like LAN,WAN and MAN

The computer performance test can be made simpler with the above manual and automated testing strategies.