Safeguard your computer to improve your performance. Technology has gifted us many useful inventions and those are been used in our daily activities. In its invention, the one is which is very important and widely used by all the people in the world is computer. It has an ability to manipulate any complex problems within a second. It is considered as a seed to many popular inventions in the world. Once the computer has been invented then by seeing it scientists have given us many miniature forms of it and they are known as laptops, palmtops, tablets and now smart phone. The last form of computer is smart phone is just like the computer which can able to all the tasks that are performed on the PC.

Smartphone’s have many wonderful applications for it and using it we can do any tough task within a single minute. The two major giants that rule the Smartphone world is apple and Google, Google android operating system is been used by major mobile phone providers like Samsung, Sony, LG etc. and apple’s operating system is used only in apple phone. In computer three main operating systems are used they are windows, Linux and Macintosh. Windows operating system is widely used in most of the computers in the world it is a Microsoft product which has many versions in it right from windows 97 till windows 8. All the versions are updated with advanced features in it and it is known to support all the software available. Linux is a professional operating system, it also has many versions in it, and the mobile operating system like android is invented based on the Linux kernels. Macintosh operating system was invented by apple and this OS can only be used in the apple’s computer and it won’t support any other machines.   There are many ways in performing computer performance test they are listed below.


How to perform computer performance test?

One should maintain their computer in a proper way in order to avoid the slowness of the machine. To identify how our computer works, one has done the test on the internet. For that, we should download the computer performance test software by running it we can identify the risks hidden in our system and problems that have to rectify it. We can also download free antivirus on the internet and find the viruses that affect our system by clearing all those viruses we can enhance the speed of our computer. And the performance rating in the antivirus will show whether our system is critical or in normal form.  Hardware defragmentation is the best test to find test to find how our system works, by performing it we can increase the speed of the computer and also we can manage the space in the hardware. If the computer needs attention then it can be serviced by the computer service agency or in the outlets thus we can make our computer stay active always.